How to Successfully Launch Your E-book

You have written an e-book. Good for you! That’s quite an accomplishment, but it’s only one stage of the process, because now you have to sell that e-book. That means you need to be able to reach out to both current followers and new visitors. The more marketing tools you take advantage of the better,&hellip

How to Use Social Media to Market Your E-book

Congratulations on writing an e-book. You are on your way to enjoying an extra income stream – that is if you understand just how important it is for you to market your e-book right so you get the traffic you need to create the purchases you want and ultimately the profit you’ll make. The problem&hellip

Three Key Tips for E-book Writers

Every e-book writer, in my opinion, likes to learn new tips for writing, promoting, and selling an e-book. Here are three key tips for e-book writers. #1 When You Edit, Examine Widely When you begin to edit your e-book, have a broad mind and not a narrow mind. If you are busy looking too narrowly,&hellip

Three Great Tips To Help You Write a Successful First E-book

Writing an e-book can be life changing. It can generate a continuous stream of income for you. Taking the first step can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether your goal is to create career-focused e-books or create a secondary income stream, it’s not as difficult as you might think. What’s Your Goal&hellip