Writing Your First E-Book

Finding Value When Writing Your First E-book

The first e-book you write can be really exciting. There is also room for a great deal of beginner error. One of the most common mistakes made is to overvalue your e-book. If you are proud that the book you wrote fills a niche that means your audience will not need to buy another book in your genre because yours is the very best, you are not alone in making this mistake.Writing Your First E-Book

How Many Pages Should You Write for Your First E-Book?

It’s likely you will not stop at writing one e-book. You could write several, a series, or start to create shorter e-books that you give away free to entice your reader to buy the advanced e-book you have for sale. When you are writing your e-book keep this in mind – if you provide your readers with everything they will need in the first e-book you read, why do they need to come back? That’s not your goal.

Even if your e-book is destined to be your subscriber incentive, if you give your readers everything they’ll ever need, why would they come back to your blog? If you created a single book with everything on your topic, then how are you going to sell them more related books?

Who is the Audience for Your E-Book?

A better approach is to determine what aspects your audience is interested in. Focus on those but break them into more than one book. In fact, see if you can write a complete e-book on each of the areas of interest.

Consider carefully where you want to go with your e-book writing. Do you want to create a series? If yes, then the information provided above would likely be your best approach. If you just want to create a variety of e-books that are somewhat related but not based on a series, then you might be able include more in your initial e-book.

Two Approaches to Writing Your First E-Book

Here are a couple of examples to distinguish the two different approaches. The first approach where you want to write a series on Cancer, the first e-book might be on colon cancer, the next on skin cancer, the next on lung cancer, and on it goes. The second approach where you want to write a variety of books that are somewhat related but not a series might be a book on healthy eating, then one on healthy living, then one on nutrition for healing, and on it goes.

Before you write your first e-book, consider your options and how you plan to move ahead with your e-book writing.


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