Five Writing Prompts for Generating Story Ideas – Day 1

Writing prompts are powerful short snippets of ideas, which are designed to get your mind motivated to create a short story while helping you flex your writing muscles. Maybe you’re having a horrible time of thinking up story ideas. And stories are not limited to children’s literature or adult fiction. Even when you’re sitting down to write a nonfiction book, a business book, or you’re creating the introduction to a cookbook, you need words to start the typed conversation with your reader.Writing prompts are ideas that become story starters

Clever Story Starters = Writing Prompts

Some authors have such creative imaginations that they have a journal filled with topics they want to write about. While others know they have a story to tell, but they keep staring at the blank screen and the flashing cursor wondering why they’re sitting there waiting for the light bulb to flash an idea over their heads.

The goal of writing prompts is to get you into the mindset of writing every day, even if it’s just for fifteen minutes. If you’re not a fast typist, or you aren’t good with putting pencil to paper, you might have to push the record button on your phone and speak your text, based on the writing prompt that you’ve chosen. Then later, you can transcribe those words into a document.

You will probably hear me saying this a lot:

If you can talk, you can write. <Candace Sinclair>

Five Benefits of Using Writing Prompts

Until you’re a firm believer of using writing prompts, I’ve created five benefits or reasons why I feel writing prompts will get you out of the trapped feeling of thinking you can’t write. Here’s my list of five benefits:

  1. Writing prompts stop you from becoming discouraged when you think you have nothing to write about.
  2. Writing prompts kick-start your writing muse.
  3. Writing prompts enable you to generate a short story based on just an idea that stimulates your imagination.
  4. Writing prompts are fun, because you don’t have to come up with the initial idea.
  5. Writing prompts can help you generate a story that you didn’t think you could write about, which helps to squash out that fear monster who used to hang around your writing room.

Here are Today’s Five Writing Prompts

Today is Day 1 of providing you with five writing prompts. Review each writing prompt to see which challenge speaks to you and gets you motivated enough to write. Then open up a new page in your word processing program, copy and paste the title of the writing prompt, and then start writing.

The goal is to get as many words on the page as you can without having the editing part of your brain trying to take control. Ready?

  1. Write about one person’s obsession with collecting something.
  2. Write about a person you met who you could easily see being diagnosed as insane and describe what s/he did in one moment of craziness.
  3. Imagine you’re standing outside in the rain and it suddenly feels sticky. What would you do and how would you react?
  4. Cut out a picture in a magazine of a man or a woman. Hang the paper on your wall. Look at it, and write a short story about what you think that person did that day when s/he first woke up.
  5. Think of someone in your life that you really like. Write one paragraph that describes all the things you like about that person and how each characteristic or quality makes you feel.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I will have five more writing prompts waiting for you.

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