Five Writing Prompts for Generating Story Ideas – Day 2

Hello! Were you able to generate a short story based on yesterday’s writing prompts? I hope you reserved the time for yourself to just type for fifteen minutes. Or, maybe you dictated your story?

What I have for you today are five more writing prompts. Let’s get started!Day 2 Writing prompts

Five Writing Prompts – Day 2

  1. How old were you, or at what stage of your life were you in when you realized you were an adult? Write about this for five minutes.
  2. Think about an important decision you made five years ago. Write your thoughts about what would have happened if you would not have made that decision.
  3. Think about what the word Christmas means to you. Write about it and explain your feelings and how that day impacts your life…or not.
  4. Did you ever say “no” to someone who asked you out on a date and years later you wondered what would have changed in your life if you had said yes? Explain why you said no.
  5. With the following three words, create a little story, using the first word as the sentence starter, and then use the next two words in the next paragraph: sunshine, lake, bee.

Get ready for tomorrow, because I’ll have five more writing prompts for you. Leave a comment describing if this process is helping you to write for a short spurt of time.


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