Five Writing Prompts for Generating Story Ideas – Day 3

Writing Prompts - Day 3 - thewritersmentor.comHello! Were you able to generate a short story based on yesterday’s writing prompts? I hope you reserved time for yourself to write for fifteen minutes. Or, maybe you dictated your story?

What I have for you today are five more writing prompts. Let’s get started!

Five Writing Prompts for Generating Story Ideas – Day 3

  1. Think about the possibility of you waking up one morning and looking at your clenched hand. You open your hand and inside is a key. What? How did it get there? But more importantly, what does that key unlock? Write your story about this moment.
  2. Imagine that you open your eyes and you’re inside of an emergency aid car headed to the hospital. What are your thoughts? Tell us.
  3. Describe your reaction when you look at a lottery ticket and realize that you’ve matched all numbers and you are insanely rich.
  4. Imagine that you are awakened at 3 o’clock in the morning. You hear glass being shattered on what you think is a window in the next room where you live. What is your reaction and what would you do? Write it down as fast as you can, believing that this moment is really happening to you.
  5. If you were allowed to have one “do-over” in your life, what would it be? Describe it in the most emotional and heart-felt way that someone reading it would want to do the same thing in his/her life.

I’m going to ask you this before ending this post today…

Looking at the 15 writing prompts presented to you in the past three days, which writing prompt got you the most excited to write something? Come on…share. Please? We’d like to know.

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3 Replies to “Five Writing Prompts for Generating Story Ideas – Day 3”

  1. Thanks Candace. I now look around me to get my ideas. I write a blog on natural living, crafting and fun.. now I can look at a recipe and tell a story instead of just giving the facts on hiw to make it. Cant wait to start applying this. Thanks,

    1. Earth Mavin. Thank you for your comment. It makes me want to create writing prompts for those who love and have foodie blogs. Hmmm.

      You listed three types of blogs that you write for…which one would you like me to write writing prompts for?

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