How to Create a Strong Cover for Your E-book

You have written an e-book. That’s terrific! Now you need to concentrate on creating a strong cover for your e-book. This step is where so many authors fall down. They are of the mentality that they have written a really good book and the content will sell it. Sadly, that’s simply not the case. Your e-book cover is often the determining factor on whether a purchase is made or the book is passed over.How to Create a Strong E-book Cover

How do you go about creating a strong cover for your e-book?

Good question. Well, thankfully, there are many free e-book creation tools you can use to create your cover. Many of these offer really good background images. Check out sites like Shutterstock or Getty images. There are all kinds of royalty free images that you can use. In fact, there are thousands of them. Be sure to take the time to check them out.

There are also other resources where you pay a small fee and the image(s) are yours to use. At first, you might be hesitant to pay for these images, which is understandable. But consider this…you want to sell your e-book and you want to make money by selling it. We’ve already established the importance of having a strong cover, so why wouldn’t you invest a little money in your project to guarantee your book’s success?

A Cost-Free Option for Using a Digital Image

You have one other option that’s free to use. Chances are you have a smartphone and that smartphone likely has a camera. Why not take your own photos? They’ll be yours, and you can claim copyright to them. You won’t have any issues with copyright and you can take the ‘exact’ picture you need. Just add it to your book cover template, and you’ll be ready to go. This option is easy and it’s certainly a cost-effective solution.

Put a lot of thought into your cover. What message do you want it to portray in conjunction with the book’s title? How will you use your image to attract and engage viewers so they will take the next step and actually buy your book? What kind of image would serve your message best? Would it be a simple but effective image or a more complex image?

Your e-book is as strong as your cover is. So, take the time to create a strong cover. You put all that effort into writing your e-book, don’t stop now! Make it an e-book your readers will want to buy!


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