How to Successfully Launch Your E-book

You have written an e-book. Good for you! That’s quite an accomplishment, but it’s only one stage of the process, because now you have to sell that e-book. That means you need to be able to reach out to both current followers and new visitors. The more marketing tools you take advantage of the better, and using free ones is an added bonus.How to Successfully Launch Your E-book

Who Are Your Followers?

Start by thinking about your current followers, family, friends, acquaintances, etc. They are the first group of people you want to share your news with. Tell them about the e-book you have written and are about to launch. Let them know where they can buy your e-book. Ask them to share this information with all of their friends and family. You can really broaden your reach this way! Tell them in person, phone them, and most importantly reach out to them through the internet. You can email them and tell them about your e-book, but make sure to give them a way to opt-out of the email.

Where to Contact Potential Readers

You can contact potential readers through social media sites like Facebook, where you may already have a page or a group with followers. You can reach them through Twitter, Google+, your personal Facebook page and the list goes on. Using social media, you can also reach out far beyond the people you know or the people they know.

Ask Other Authors to Promote Your Book

You can also ask other authors to help you promote your e-book. You will have to give them a copy for reading so they can make sure it fits within their wheelhouse before they go out of their way to promote.

Depending on the site where you are selling your e-book on, most of them will also provide you with some marketing tools that can help. Kindle e-books is a great way to get your e-book out there and promote it. Those who like it will buy it, and you’ll make money. If you are selling your e-book on Amazon, Addicted to e-books allows you to place comments, a description, picture, and even the genre. Author Marketing Club is another site where you can submit information about your e-book for free. There are tons of sites available to you, so take the time to search for them and find the right match for your book marketing efforts.

E-book marketing is ongoing. It begins before you launch, carries on through your launch, and should remain active after your launch so you enjoy the highest possible sales.

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