How to Use Social Media to Market Your E-book

How to Use Social Media to Market Your E-book

Congratulations on writing an e-book. You are on your way to enjoying an extra income stream – that is if you understand just how important it is for you to market your e-book right so you get the traffic you need to create the purchases you want and ultimately the profit you’ll make. The problem is the world wide web is a massive place, and there is a huge number of very similar books on the market to choose from. So, you need to figure out how you are going to market better and smarter so you attract those customers. This post focuses on a powerful tool—social media.

Let’s look at how you can put social media to work for you.

#1 Facebook

Facebook is a very powerful tool if you learn how to use it well. It can be a powerful way to introduce your e-book to other potential readers and get referral sales. You likely already know that the majority of book sales that take place are to friends, family and acquaintance referral. For you to get the most out of Facebook and extend that reach, you need to create a dedicated page for your e-book, and then you need to link it to your personal profile. This helps the viewer get a better feel about who you are and helps her feel like she knows you. This gives her an incentive to buy your book and read it. Once you understand Facebook, you can use Facebook in every stage of your marketing plan.

#2 Twitter

Twitter is very different than Facebook. It is about building relationships and authenticity. Don’t bother creating a new account just to talk about and promote your e-book. Instead, try to engage with your current readers, fellow authors and others who might be interested or involved in your genre.

#3 Blogs

Blogging sometimes gets overlooked, and yet blogs and review sites that are within your genre are excellent ways to promote your book. Don’t be afraid to contact bloggers and tell them about your book. They just might be interested in promoting your book for you. Remember, unless you ask, you will never know. Just know that when you are marketing an e-book, it’s a dangerous game.

You can find blogs that are relevant just by searching on Google or Stumbleupon. Both are good. There are also a number of book blog sites like BookBlogs or Invesp. The other option is for you to start your own blog.

There are other social media tools you can use like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and the list goes on. Take the time to become familiar with the tools that can help you.

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