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I’m pretty selective about whom I work with, so please only contact me if you’re serious about wanting success for your business or personal writing projects. If you’re on a very low budget, and it’s your only deciding factor when choosing a writer or mentor, I’m probably not the best fit for you.

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If you need my help, you might want to be aware of these things:

  • I do not offer free writing or editing samples. There are a few samples already available on this site. More of my writing can be viewed by looking at my blog.
  • I do not chat or communicate through Skype.
  • I quote per job, not per hour.
  • Payment for my services are required upfront before the work commences. However, I can create a payment plan to suit your budget. Just understand that the final product will only be delivered after you’ve made your final payment.

Information I need before providing you with a quote

One very obvious piece of information I would like to know is… your name. I belong to several forums and online organizations. I sometimes get private messages from people who don’t mention their name. I believe in common courtesy and knowing your name is a good first step.

For all writing jobs – regardless of what type of job it is, I need to know:

  • How many words per item.
  • The topic.
  • Target audience.
  • Any deadline if you have one.
  • How many articles, blog posts, or whatever it is that you need. (I do offer discounts for bulk orders.)
  • Any other information you can give me.

All proofreading and editing jobs should include the following details in your request for a quote:

  • A deadline, if you have it.
  • How many words in each item you want done (if more than one).
  • Do you want me to track changes in your document?
  • Which version of English should I use?

All mentoring, marketing, and administrative jobs should include the following details:

  • A short description of the services you want me to provide.
  • A deadline, if you have it.
  • Your communication preference: phone call or email.
  • Is this is one-time task, or are you looking for ongoing help?

I require 100% payment upfront and I quote flat rates for all jobs.

Turnaround time will vary, but I’ll confirm that with you when you make your inquiry and tell me your deadline.

All job requests are put into a queue. First in, first out. If you have a rush job, please contact me before submitting payment. Thanks.

Please use the form below if you have any further questions.

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