Three Key Tips for E-book Writers

Every e-book writer, in my opinion, likes to learn new tips for writing, promoting, and selling an e-book. Here are three key tips for e-book writers.

Three Key Tips for E-book Writers#1 When You Edit, Examine Widely

When you begin to edit your e-book, have a broad mind and not a narrow mind. If you are busy looking too narrowly, you’ll catch the missing comma, but you will miss something really important. Focus on macro detail not micro detail. When you focus on micro details, you are likely going to miss major issues within the book. For example, you’ll be worried about minor grammar errors when really you should be thinking about rearranging content or moving chapters around.

Before you start editing, you should read through the entire e-book. The best way to do this is actually to print your manuscript on paper or in PDF format on your tablet. The goal here is to read it in a format that won’t be easy for you to make little changes. This will help you stay focused on the ‘big picture.’ Any major changes you see that need major or minor revisions will require you to make notes and then go back into the digital version, but only after you have read it from cover to cover.

#2 Don’t Design Your E-Book’s Cover Yourself

It’s true – we do judge a book by its cover. It’s a huge mistake to try to throw together a cover yourself unless you have a background in graphic design. If you don’t have the right skills, then your cover is going to look unprofessional and amateur, and this can put off readers. If you can afford to hire a design professional, do it. This is a good investment of your money. If your budget is minimal, you can search for a graphic artist on sites like

#3 Remember to Link Back to Your Blog

Most likely, your reader’s first contact with you might be after s/he has read your e-book. For example, let’s say a woman bought your e-book on Amazon. Readers can easily forget where they got a book they downloaded, especially if it was from a blog, which is why it is important to link your e-book back to your blog. This is a great way to increase subscriptions to your main email list. Plus, you can even create a separate list that will tell current e-book readers when your next book is coming out and what it will be about. It’s simple to do. Just add a link at the back of your e-book. That’s it, and it takes only a minute or two to add.

Now that you have these three key tips, keep them in mind when you are writing your e-book.

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