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I help authors create best-selling books!

Professional Book Coaching Services

I’m avaialble for mentoring and coaching via phone if you live in the US. I can help you brainstorm a book idea, answer any questions you have about the book publishing process, and I can coach you and keep you on track with a flexible  writing schedule. 

Professional Book Editing Services

Candace Sinclair has more than twenty years’ experience working as a professional editor. She’s worked for publishers, Fortune 100 companies, and has enjoyed working as a freelance editor for the past ten years.

We Make Your Words Shine

After the final editing process, your manuscript is converted to a PDF file and gets proofread one final time before it’s published. We strive for 100 percent accuracy.


We provide
creative solutions for all your book writing, editing, and publishing needs!

Your book is special to you and it’s special to us. Before you even think about hiring a writing coach or professional book editor, you’ll want to have a conversation with me. I can design a custom editing or proofreading process for you that is affordable, flexible, and meets your approval. Plus, I can mentor you on a one-time, weekly, or even monthhly schedule. You decide what works best for you.

No two manuscripts are the same, and neither are the authors I work with; which is why I create a plan and workflow that will give you the best results for getting your manuscript ready to publish.

To learn how I can help you get started with that important conversation, click the button below. It will take you to my contact form. Just tell me the type of book you want to write, or the book you’ve written, an approximate word count, and how soon you would like to schedule a private one-on-one phone conversation.

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